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Both the Pub & Pegasus will be closing early at 5PM on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. They will both also be closed for Christmas & New Year’s Day.

Hoping you and your family have a joyous holiday season.

Angie on the Beer Engine

This just in from our favourite  Bartending Matron:

T’is the time of year… Oh, local beer

To be enjoyed with good cheer!

We work hard all year long to bring our patrons the freshest most local ingredients available. What about local brews? In the past few years local breweries have sprouted up all over the Kitsap Peninsula, from Sound Brewery in Poulsbo to Der Blokken in Manette. Come visit us in the new year as we feature the local-est of local brews. We will be pouring the likes of Hood Canal, Silver City, 7 Seas, Battenkill and more. So come on down, Occupy the Pub and give a local brew a try. We would also love to hear about your favorite local brews.

See you soon!


The Pub's Mary's Makin Bakon

The Pub's Mary's Makin Bakon

The pub has launched a new Hair o’th’ Dog Weekend Menu featuring Portland distilled Bakon and Hot Monkey Vodkas. “Like a whole meal in a glass”… says weekend bartender Dana Cuykendall. “Its just in time to nurse those headaches from the previous nights holiday celebrations.”