The Colonels of Truth are a 6 member high energy bluegrass band out of Seattle. This band wasn’t formed by child hood friends nor was it formed in some magical meeting one night at a bar. Like good whiskey it was distilled over years of playing with many musicians at various jams, house parties, and festivals. These are the guys that at 2 am are the ones that think the jam is just getting going. These are the guys that drive 2 hours one way to regularly go to a jam. They took their time slowly gathering like minded individuals under one banner to create the Colonels of Truth. When these guys get on stage you can tell not only are they talented musicians, but they really enjoy making music together. While these musicians prefer playing bluegrass music, they have highly diverse musical backgrounds from classical, jazz, funk, reggae, Brazilian, and rock and they bring the best of all these styles under one roof, energy of a rock show, precision vocal and instrumental harmonies, off the cuff improvisation, funk and reggae jams. Colonels of Truth play traditional bluegrass standards, appalachian old-timey tunes, obscure newgrass tunes, and original tunes. All of the members are song writers and arrangers, some of them have even won awards in song writing contests, and they bring this creativity to their playing.


Warm up your tired buns at the pub after this year’s Chilly Hilly. The fireplace and fire tables will be raging earlier than normal on Sunday. Open at 10 am instead of the normal 11 am, there will be fresh burgers, nachos and the normal carb replenishment you’ve come to expect after a frosty ride around Bainbridge. Good luck and we look forward to seeing you after your finish!

Full Length Pegasus Video Here

February 10th, 2012

Pegasus Coffee House Commercial

Erin Fredrichs produced this commercial for us from a course offered by BITV, before its unfortunate demise. Part of it is now playing at the Bainbridge Athletic Club. The full version can be found by clicking on the link above.

Yes, come get your Snowshoe special…$3.50 Honest Pints

Both the Pub & Pegasus will be closing early at 5PM on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. They will both also be closed for Christmas & New Year’s Day.

Hoping you and your family have a joyous holiday season.

Want a Scream with that Latte?

October 21st, 2011

Recently seen at Pegasus Coffee House… mmmm pumpkin spiced latte art.

Last Season's Deck umbrella Recycled into Totes

Last Season's Deck umbrella Recycled into Stylish Shopping Totes

After 8 or so years on the pub’s waterfront deck, the yellow-striped giant umbrella has relinquished its responsibilities to a new rookie umbrella just flown in from Edmondton, AB. Envirodesigns , the North American distributor for the extra-large coverings, has featured the umbrella in its printed catalog for years. You can get a piece of the old one today that has been fashioned into a stylish shopping tote… a la shabby chic. Each bag is unique and emblazoned with the pub’s 20th Anniversary logo along with a reminder that reuse is a good thing.

You’ll have to hurry to get a piece of pub history. There are only about 50 of these collector’s items made. Stop in the pub to get yours, and then head to the Bainbridge Farmer’s Market on Saturdays in style.

Used Beer Department

June 25th, 2011

Used Beer now recycled without the Use of Flushing Water

Used Beer now recycled without the Use of Flushing Water

Fascinated by the new fixture in the “Men’s” room at the Pub? It’s a waterless urinal.  After doing a little reading into the science behind the products, the Pub removed its 20 year old conventional urinal and replaced it this week with a new Kohler waterless one.

Waterless urinals all use basically the same science. Urine flows down the bowl of the urinal past a debris-catching strainer. The urine then passes through a sealing liquid, usually a specially designed oil based fluid or simply vegetable oil, and collects in the waste pipe below. The different densities of urine and oil (urine is denser than oil – oil floats!) mean that the urine sinks through the sealing liquid and the oil floats on top of the layer of urine below. Any air bubbles rise to the top and escape leaving the urine in a relatively low oxygen environment. Odor is therefore trapped below the oil layer and cannot find the nose of bathroom occupants.

It is important that the urine is slowed sufficiently before it hits the oil so that laminar flow displacement doesn’t move the oil to the bottom of the waste pipe. If the urine is slowed sufficiently this is not a problem. After the urine is in the waste pipe it is a simple matter of displacement that sends the urine into the regular plumbing system.

Waterless urinals were introduced to the world by the Waterless Company in 1992. The first urinal used what was called an EcoTrap cartridge. Others manufacturers which started producing them almost a decade later include: Falcon Waterfree Technologies, Sloan Valve Company, Duravit, Kohler and many others.

Waterless urinals are also becoming increasingly popular as the green building movement takes hold with certification programs such as LEED. Two major barriers that once stood as impediments to the adoption of waterless urinals, regulatory and facility managers, are being gradually eroded through education on the benefits, safety and easy maintenance of the urinals.

Written with help from Ziger Snead Architects

Seattle band BLVD Park warming it up at the Goat Roast

Seattle band BLVD Park warming it up at the Goat Roast

New Year’s Day has been a traditional day off from the daily grind for both the Pub & Pegasus work crews. In previous years a whole pig was roasted and served up to them & friends and family. This year, the menu changed and two whole goats were the main fare. Although the weather was quite frosty, the Seattle band, BLVD Park was on hand to keep people moving and proved to be very popular with their spaghetti-western sounds and good humor.In addition to the scrumptious goat meat plenty of other food and drink was available as well as a couple of bonfires. The keg of beer and the goats were gone by party’s end.