PNW Specialty Foods: Real food with local roots

With names like Sunrise, Shasta and Pedrosillano, PNW’s unique foods don’t just sound different. They taste better, too. That’s because they’re grown by a unique family of farmers on the Palouse who are passionate about putting healthier food on your table.

Pacific Northwest Farmers Cooperative, also known as PNW, is dedicated to preserving family farms and protecting the land through a way of life that some call old-fashioned. They’re OK with that, and one taste of their delicious PNW foods explains why. Passed down through many generations, PNW’s100-year-old family farms in eastern Washington and northern Idaho are rooted in sustainable agriculture. When you meet PNW’s growers, they’ll gladly tell you about their history of nurturing the land through crop rotation, cover cropping and reduced tillage. The results? PNW farmers use up to 50 percent less fossil fuel, greatly reduce the use of toxic chemicals, sequester carbon, protect the soil, and conserve water.  It all adds up to rich, healthy soil, which allows PNW to grow incredibly delicious garbanzo beans, lentils and split peas.

PNW foods are also verified Non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project, Kosher and Parve certified, and pass the toughest food safety inspections in the industry.

“We know there is a real and growing concern about the food we eat and the methods under which those foods are grown and handled,” says Bill Newbry, chief executive officer of PNW. “We select the food products we grow as carefully as we select food for our own familes.”

If you have any questions, call Kim or Matt at (509) 487-0755 or send an email to:

They’d love to meet you.