Watching the Semi-Finals at the Pub- FIFA World Cup 2010

Watching the Quarter-Finals at the Pub- FIFA World Cup 2010

For the first time in many, many years a TV was allowed in the Pub for the FIFA World Cup Football Championships 2010 from South Africa. The first year that American broadcast TV aired all 64 games since the Cup’s beginnings, the pub joined in the fun.

“While we would have liked to have played all 64 games ‘live’, we just didn’t have the staff or customer base to make it succeed,” stated Jocelyn. “But, we were able to play all the real important games ‘live’ and the rest we replayed throughout the same day they were played.”

It certainly added to what was really a slow-starting summer!

Now it begs the question whether there is an audience for English Premier League Matches aired ‘live’ on Saturday and Sunday Mornings…say with traditional English fry-ups and Bloody Marys!  Let us know if you want to come out for it this fall and winter and we just may drag the projector out of storage.