Okay, the parks are open year round, but it just feels great to mention summertime.

The aquatics center is a huge draw for all ages to swim, use the lap pools and the water slide. Classes and lessons are available for all ages to learn the safe way to enjoy this community facility.

If you’d like to be outside around the water, then Ft Ward Park is just right. The park has walking trails, beachfront, historic old facilities from pre-World War II as well a boat launch and other amenities. It’s a marvelous place to hang out and soak up the sun. Bring your own sunscreen. Fishing? Boating? Paddleboarding? All are encouraged here and makes this gem of a park the place to go. In an innovative program designed to remove invasive species of plants, Scotch Broom and poison oak especially, the goats are back! Sponsor a goat help clear out the non-native plants that threaten to overwhelm the native species. It’s easy and fun. More info at http://www.biparks.org/parksandfacilities/pkftward.html

Feeling froggy? Then jump into this. The Bainbridge Island Downtown Association has organized a Frog on the Rock Project. Local artists will decorate and enhance the 21” x 41” frogs to be debuted at the July Fourth Parade. The frogs will be displayed in the parks and throughout the island for a year. Sponsors are welcome.

Celebrate the end of school and the start of summer with Schoolpalooza, June 12th at Waterfront Park. It’s the kick off to a summer of fun and activities with music, food and activities for all ages you don’t have to be out of school to enjoy the party.

To help you get around this summer, the Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce is starting a Weekend Bus Service. To help you get from the ferry terminal to the outlying parks and places of interest there are two routes each running on an hourly schedule to and from the ferry terminal. Modeled on the “Hop-on, Hop-off” buses in other communities, the service will charge a daily rate for as much riding as you can do between 10AM and 4PM on Saturdays and Sundays.  Season passes will also be available for Bainbridge families. More info at the Chambers website http://www.bainbridgechamber.com/

Visit for the complete rundown of all the parks, facilites, activities and classes available. Start your summer dreams now.