ketchup Starting today, the Pub has started serving Portland Ketchup from Portlandia Foods.

We’re excited that we have found a “local” great-tasting ketchup made with great ingredients – low on salt & sugar and high on flavor!

From Portlandia Foods:

“We dream of a future where things don’t have to be this way. It saddens us that “No HFCS” or “GMO free” can even be listed as a “feature” on food products. This should be demanded of every food company we give our money to!

The way we see it, chemical pesticides and fertilizers were never needed in the first place. Monocultures are not sustainable. Food companies should partner with ladybugs and honeybees to produce our food the way nature intended. Consider this your formal invitation, if you haven’t already, to share the dream and join this movement.”

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