Todd Houghton marks the Pub’s Open Mic 20th Year Celebration!!

Feb. 5, 2013 8:00 pm – Midnight


In January of 1993 local musician Todd Houghton began hosting the  Harbour Public House’s longest-lasting event. Since then he has returned on the 1st Tuesday of every month for the past 20 years.  According to Todd, the music scene on Bainbridge Island enjoys an unusually high number of quality musicians – many of whom show up to the Open Mic nights at the pub. Todd himself ranks high among that number.  He was born in Kansas, grew up in Colorado and moved to Seattle from Boulder. He has extensive experience as a performer and composer, with guitar, keyboards, electric bass, and vocals both as a soloist and currently with the band Ranger and the Re-arrangers.  The band plays Gypsy Jazz – which is an exciting style of music combining jazz with the instruments typically found in Gypsy music.  Todd’s original music reflects an inner vision that he has depended on since becoming blind at the age of 7.  His songs capture an energetic and soulful passion.


Todd on stage with Ranger and the Re-arrangers

When he isn’t performing or hosting – Todd is involved in his other passion – education.  He has a Masters in Experiential Education from the University of Colorado and works as an educational consultant in the field of outdoor ed for the disabled.  He is also a principal adviser for the Blind Youth Audio Project, which is a program of the Department of Services for the Blind, in conjunction with Jack Straw Productions.  Each summer, blind and visually impaired high school students come to the University of Washington to participate in a Youth Employment Services job placement program.  As part of the program they have the option of participating in in the Audio Project.  Working with Todd, they write, produce, and record audio dramas, learning everything from soundscaping, interview skills, radio production, multitrack and stereo music recording and mixing.  Whether in the recording studio or in the outdoors, Todd’s dedication to education is making a huge difference in the lives of the students he teaches.

He brings that dedication to his Open Mic nights at the Harbour Pub.  When speaking with Todd, what comes across is his excitement about providing a relaxed and fun atmosphere for aspiring musicians to bring their music out of their living rooms to perform in front of a live audience.  Todd creates a space for musicians to not only perform, but to jam together and learn from each other.  His goal is to create a stress free environment so that it is a fun and non-threatening way for musicians to stretch, create and enjoy. And from all reports – he reaches that goal on a monthly basis.

As a bonus – Open Mic starts off with an number from Todd.  That way, he can make sure that everything is set up and working.  It is also a wonderful warm-up for the 5 – 8 musicians to follow.  Each musician performs about 3 songs.  If there is extra time at the end of the evening, musicians can offer additional songs, or join together for collaborations.  If you want to participate – sign-ups begin around 8:30 and the music starts at 9 – continuing to midnight.  February’s event will be especially meaningful – marking the 20 years of great music that Todd has brought to the stage.  But any 1st Tuesday of any month – the Harbour Pub is really the place to be for a wonderful evening of great food, drink, company and especially – great music.

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