Roller Hockey Championship

July 25th, 2012


Bainbridge Roller Hockey Championship
Saturday July 28, 2013

Games starting at 9 am and continuing until 4:30 pm
Battle Point Park

The Bainbridge Roller Hockey League is a co-ed recreational league for players ages 7 – 17.  The league is divided into three divisions based on the age of the players.  Teams are created each year with an eye toward balance.  The teams are created based on a skating assessment which takes place in April – before the season begins.  The league was formed in 1995 by a mom who was new to the island.  Her kids had played in their previous location, so she created the opportunity for them to play on Bainbridge.  Currently the league has 150 players, most from Bainbridge – but some coming from Poulsbo, Silverdale and Port Orchard.  All the games take place at the rink at Battle Point Park.

Along with providing lots of fun for the kids, the Bainbridge Roller Hockey league is a great way for the adults to get involved in the community.  According to Dawn Janow, league president, the volunteers have so much fun they have a hard time making room for all who step up.  Along with board positions, adult volunteers also provide refereeing, upkeep of the rink and equipment, score keeping and other jobs.  While most of the volunteers are parents of the players, some of the adults are involved just because it is such a great experience. Adults also have time to get some playing in.  On Friday nights, there is an adult pick-up game for anyone who cares to play.  Many of the Friday night players are alumni of the kids’ teams.

With its very reasonable fees, equipment recycling program and low need for travel, Bainbridge Roller Hockey is dedicated to make the program accessible for all who want to play.  Players of all skill levels are guaranteed play time and the league hosts lots of opportunities to learn and grow in skill.  When asked what message Dawn would like to send her response is:  “Bainbridge Roller Hockey is recreational sport in the truest sense.  Just come play!”

More on Roller Hockey:

Roller hockey is a sport with a lot of variables.  There are two main types of Roller Hockey – quad, played on roller skate with four wheels, and inline, played on the inline skates that became popular in the 1970s. Interesting fact:  inline skate were actually invented in the 1760s beating the invention of 4 wheelers by about 100 years! Roller hockey, of both varieties, is known by many different names, sometimes depending on what part of the world, and the level of play.  Quad roller hockey is known as quad hockey, roll hockey, rink hockey, and hardball hockey. Because the quad skates provide greater maneuverability the play often involves fancy footwork and tight maneuvering.  This can make it similar to football or basketball.  Inline hockey is referred to by the names ball hockey, street hockey, long stick hockey, deck hockey, road hockey and more. Not surprisingly the play is very similar to ice hockey and many NHL players actually train during the summer months by participating in inline hockey leagues.

Roller Hockey is making its way into competitive sports on a national and international level.  The National Collegiate Roller Hockey Association was formed in 1994 and currently has over 200 colleges with teams. Also established in 1994 was the International Roller In-Line Hockey association – which has over 35 national associations on their membership rolls. While Roller Hockey is not an Olympic Sport at the current time, there are international championships held each year.  Quad roller hockey was one of three demonstration sports included in the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona – with the United States finishing 7th.  Argentina, Spain and Italy won the gold, silver and bronze.


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  1. Jeff Waite Says:

    Our 2 boys have been with the league for years… it’s truly the highlight of their year. Bainbridge is lucky to have the league and its supporters. If your kids aren’t playing, their missing one of Bainbridge Island’s gems.

  2. Michael Says:

    Great article on my fav. sport- hockey


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