Is that a Mushroom? or does it taste Like Chicken?

Is that a Mushroom? Does it taste Like Chicken?

“Chicken of the Woods” mushrooms are most likely to be found from August through October or later but are sometimes found as early as June. This is a mushroom that is likely to startle you. It is very noticeable from long distance because of it’s size and very bright colors.  It grows on many types of dead or mature trees with hardwoods such as oak, or beech being more likely than conifers. They grow very fast. Usually when you find it there will be a lot.

‘Chickens’ (like their namesake) are good sautéed, deep fried, baked, and may be used in soups. They can have a lemony, chicken-like taste and texture or at least go well with chicken or chicken stock.

Before you go out collecting, try reading up first

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