Erin is a photojournalist and organic farmer from Bainbridge Island. Photography is her joy. Farming is her pleasure. Driving tractors is just a bonus.

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The photography in the exhibit is from the local farms who
provide produce and beef to the Harbour Public House. Butler Green Farm has grown biodynamic vegetables on Bainbridge Island for 25 years. Persephone Farm is a small family farm in Indianola which uses sustainable practices based on principles of ecology. Camas Prarie Ranch, home of Harlow Cattle Co., is the pub’s exclusive supplier of grass-fed beef. Laughing Crow Farm and Bainbridge Island Vineyards share their home on Day Road at the historic Suyematsu Farm, one of the oldest farmed pieces of property on Bainbridge Island.

Erin Test Driving a Tractor

Erin Test Driving a Tractor

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