It was almost a century ago when steam whistles blew as mosquito fleet boats pulled away from the old Winslow Wharf loaded with fresh strawberries for Seattle. In trade, they brought supplies and labor for the island’s lumber mills, shipyards and farms.

The docks at Eagle Harbor once again play host to water-bound commerce. Farmboat, a newly launched sea-faring farm goods merchant, is working to re-establish traditional maritime trade routes on Puget Sound. Utilizing historic vessels as floating markets, the organization aims to provide specialty foods and crafts to port communities around Puget Sound along with fascinating lore of days gone by.

Before roads and automobiles, hundreds of steamboats crisscrossed Puget Sound–forming a vital transportation network. Every community had a municipal dock where people would congregate to receive mail, stock up on supplies or ship out to other ports of call. The docks were often a buzz of excitement for local residents.

Farmboat is bringing back the century old tradition with a modern twist. Customers can see what’s available online and place orders before the boat comes into the Harbour Marina in front of the pub.

Farmboat is also there to facilitate trade for Bainbridge food growers wanting to send their products to other ports. For more information, please visit:

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