EduCulture is partnering with the Harbour Pub this autumn on a fundraising campaign to benefit the edible education programs.  The Pub has a feature story about the work of EduCulture on their fall menu, encouraging patrons to contribute to supporting our work through the One Call for All campaign or directly through our non-profit organization.

For every dollar donated to EduCulture directly or through One Call for All during this fall campaign, the Harbour Pub will contribute a dollar, matching up to $7500 in contributions.
This opportunity to raise $15,000 will go a long way to build the needed infrastructure to further develop the edible education programs to meet their growing numbers of participating students and teachers.

We encourage you to consider making a tax-deductable contribution to EduCulture that can be generously matched by the Harbour Pub! (Please indicate “Pub” on your donation forms so they can better track these donations.

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