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Monday nights are Trivia nights at Bainbridge Island Brewing!  Begun in January of this year and hosted every Monday from 7-9 p.m. (unless there’s a Seahawks game), these trivia nights draw crowds from both on and off the island.

And it gets rowdy.

Chuck Everett, one of the owners of Bainbridge Island Brewing, commented on the energy of the weekly event, saying he looks forward to it every week.

“It’s very lively,” he said.  “Typically there are anywhere between 8 and 15 teams going on.”

Chuck said that there are plenty of regulars, but also competitors that come from off the island.  Prizes and bragging rights are highly sought after.  First prize is awarded five pints of beer, second prize gets three pints, and third place winners receive one pint.

One of the brewery’s Trivia regulars is Bainbridge’s own Houston Wade.  Houston is a trivia-hopper, and has been to countless trivia competitions both on and off the island.  He has been attending Bainbridge Island Brewing’s Trivia night since June.  His answer when I asked about his favorite part of Trivia?

“Crushing everybody,” he replied.  He noted that his team usually holds their own against competitors.

Team sizes can vary.  One person can make a team, or a large group can as well.  Houston noted that he has seen up to 15 people on one trivia team.

Monday night Trivia is hosted by local islander Steve Nagel, of  Trivia Time Live .  Bainbridge Island Brewing provides snacks, and players are welcome to order out pizza and bring it with them.

Beat the Monday blues and head over to Bainbridge Island Brewing to play some trivia!  Just make sure you get there early.  It does fill up.

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