Youth Soccer Month

September 17th, 2013


Celebrate all things soccer this month and encourage your kids to put down the cell phones and video games and get out and enjoy a fast moving, team building sport.

Soccer, since 1974 has exploded in popularity here in the States. Back then there were only about 100,000 youth players while today more than three million players, 300,000 coaches and 600,000 volunteers play in organized leagues. Why is it so popular? It’s fast, it’s fun, every child gets time on the field and the game is taught to be fun and enjoyable. The presence of a world class soccer club, the Sounders, just across Elliott Bay doesn’t hurt either.

The Bainbridge Island Football Club is a non-profit youth club consisting of about 1,100 players from Bainbridge Island and Kitsap County. BIFC promotes love of the game by providing high quality player and coaching training in an appropriate competitive setting for all ages. A safe and supportive environment is provided while developing the highest standards of growth and fair play.

BIFC offers seasonal and year round programs for boys and girls with games through the fall and summer camps available.

The Mini-kickers Group, (age 3-5 years)
Academy Soccer, (6-10 years)
U10 Development Academy, (9-10 years)
Recreational Soccer, (10-19 years) and Select Soccer, (10-19 years)

The above groupings assure age appropriate competition and training for everyone. Additionally there are ten soccer fields in the area.

Join the fun, release the energy and come out to enjoy healthy activities for young people as participants and spectators alike.
Check out Youth Soccer Month and check out other soccer programs in Washington.

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