Last week if you visited Pegasus and got a cup of Jo to Go, you’ve probably noticed the new cup lid.

Born out of a passion by former Islanders, the Viora offers a coffee sipping experience that does not resemble your kids’ silly sippy cup

Their conviction “that there was a better way unleashed a scientific curiosity and a maniacal focus that  led to years of researching fluid dynamics, evaluating mainstream and alternative plastics, reading research papers on smell and taste, assessing advanced manufacturing technologies, prototyping, and conducting round after round of testing. The result of all this work is the Viora Lid – and a growing collection of patents and patents pending.”

And better yet, it is now being  manufactured in the U.S.A.


  • Drinks Like a Cup – Tip your cup, and a drink well fills. Sip your beverage over a lip—just as you would if you were drinking from a ceramic cup.
  • Unlocks the Aroma – Taste is mostly smell, and the innovative drink well on the Viora Lid ensures a complete taste experience.
  • Catches a Splash – conventional lids—when jostled—shoot out jets of liquid aimed for your clothes or dashboard. With the Viora lid, if your drink does splash, it ends up back in the cup rather than on you.

Take a look at the benefits of the lid http://www.vioralid.com/#top and try it for yourself.

We think you’ll love it.

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